SERENITY Mattress by Sleepist | C A S A V E L V E T.
SERENITY Mattress by Sleepist | C A S A V E L V E T.

SERENITY Mattress by Sleepist


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SERENITY 13" Mattress by Sleepist

Cooler’s structure is built for improved thermal conduction, which allows for high temperature flow capacity. Cooler’s improved thermal absorption provides a cooling sense. Cooler improves the rate of water vapor permeation resulting in a cooling sense. Cooler mattress ticking’s cooler feel lasts through sleep, providing the relaxing sleep environment your body needs. Cooler sleep environment allows you to fall asleep quicker and stay a sleep without waking up due to uncomfortable heat build up.



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I was having trouble placing an order on-line. Emre called me & I went to the store to complete my order. He was very helpful and arranged for a quick delivery.

Judith Reed
Chicago, IL

Very big selection..gorgeous european style made furniture..nice quality..and the most important..AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!! You won't find this at ashley )) nice people working there experience ever.

Aliona Grecu
Schaumburg, IL


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