about us

Casavelvet was founded in Turkey in 1995 on the ideals that furniture should be unique and affordable to each individual consumer. It started out as a humble operation, creating custom special-order furniture for its customers with the support of small-scale local manufacturers that saw to production while the company’s founder personally delivered each piece. Three years later the company transitioned from that modest venture and set up shop manufacturing in a small town in Istanbul so every step of production could be overseen, from gathering perfectly complementary components to making sure each finished product was flawlessly crafted and of the highest quality. As Casavelvet continued manufacturing its own unique designs, demand for their artfully crafted and impeccably detailed products continued to increase. With a high demand for their work and a strong passion for creating affordable custom-made furniture driving the business, Casavelvet opened up their very first retail store. And it was met with overwhelming success.

Casavelvet’s concepts and designs quickly became progressively popular in the Turkish market, and Turkish manufacturers began to model their furniture businesses around them. With this increased recognition and success came a sense of fulfillment from the production side of the industry, so the company decided to step away from manufacturing to expand its storefront franchise and represent the various manufacturers and brands that were inspired by their work. In focusing solely on their retail stores, Casavelvet was able to introduce a credit method for purchasing furniture, allowing customers to make installment payments on their pieces and creating a more affordable and accessible furniture buying experience for everyone.

After decades of proven success in the Turkish furniture market with their design concepts and business strategies, the company is embarking on a new endeavor. They have decided to explore the potential for fine Turkish furniture in the US market and have officially opened up their first stateside Casavelvet store in Melrose Park, Chicago.