PERVADE Foam Mattress by Sleepist | C A S A V E L V E T.
PERVADE Foam Mattress by Sleepist | C A S A V E L V E T.

PERVADE Foam Mattress by Sleepist


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PERVADE Foam 16" Mattress by Sleepist

Graphene technology fabric a revolutionary fabric that adds strength and flexibility to the mattress. Pervade Firm gives new meaning to the phrase sleep like a rock. Graphene Technology Fabric uses an anti-static effect to rid static electricity and tension from its environment and protect your body from the negative influences of electrical build up during sleep.Firm-comfort foam provides sturdy support and comfort while graphite-infused foam works to relieve pressure and regulate temperature for a cool and comfy night of rest.


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I was having trouble placing an order on-line. Emre called me & I went to the store to complete my order. He was very helpful and arranged for a quick delivery.

Judith Reed
Chicago, IL

Very big selection..gorgeous european style made furniture..nice quality..and the most important..AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!! You won't find this at ashley )) nice people working there experience ever.

Aliona Grecu
Schaumburg, IL


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